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Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.
Dr. Denenberg's articles on Medium.com.


Steven M. Denenberg, M. D. performed the operations whose results are pictured on FacialSurgery.com.

If you wish to consider coming to Omaha for Dr. Denenberg to perform your surgery, you'll find more information here.

Dr. Denenberg can be contacted at:

  • email: StevenD@FacialSurgery.com

  • phone: (402)391-7640 or (800)233-7640

  • fax: (402)391-6352

  • postal mail: 7640 Pacific Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114-5421, U.S.A.

Dr. Denenberg's resume

FacialSurgery.com first appeared on the Web in 1996.  Since then, thousands of visitors from countries all over the world have written to compliment the site on the volume and honesty of its information and the quality of its presentation.

Excerpts from the press:

  • "FacialSurgery.com is ... the most comprehensive plastic surgery-themed Web site around."
    --W Magazine

  • "The befores and afters of assorted eyelid lifts, skin peels and rhinoplasties are revealed [on this] lavishly illustrated Web site."
    --The London Daily Telegraph

  • "...a comprehensive Web site complete with information on various operations, advice on how to find a competent surgeon, and before and after photos."

  • "The best part of the Web site is its portfolio of hundreds of before and after pictures."
    --The Los Angeles Times