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Before & After

Our collection of before and after photographs.  More than 1200 pictures, organized by operation.  Each before and after picture is accompanied by an instructive narration about that patient's operation.  Options are available for seeing large or small-sized photos.

Main before and after picture sections:

All of the operations were performed by Dr. Denenberg.

See the surgery

These Surgery Tutorials show you how the facial plastic surgery operations are performed.  Each tutorial is a series of articles replete with photographs taken during surgery.  You'll find them a fascinating introduction to the plastic surgeon's world.

If you want to read the Surgery Tutorials, but you think you might be squeamish about seeing the intra-operative photos, FacialSurgery.com can cloak the pictures so you don't see them until you ask for them.  More on our image cloaking feature is here.

There are currently three main sections of the Surgery Tutorials:

Each of the three main sections listed above has several chapters for you to read.


The Essays are illustrated discussions on various topics in facial plastic surgery.  They do not include photos taken during surgery.  When a patient schedules a consultation, we send her these essays in book form.

Rhinoplasty I Rhinoplasty, part I: what the operation can accomplish, who is a good candidate, and what a patient needs to know before deciding whether to have surgery

Rhinoplasty II Rhinoplasty, part II: How to take care of yourself after a rhinoplasty

Rejuvenation I Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, part I: A description of the face lift, skin peel, eyelid surgery, and brow lift operations

Rejuvenation II Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, part II: How to take care of yourself after facial rejuvenation surgery

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Our contact information.  Phone numbers, fax numbers, email and postal mail addresses, other useful info.


Dr. Denenberg's answers to questions he receives often about plastic surgery.

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