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Dr. Denenberg

Steven M. Denenberg, M.D. performed the operations whose results are pictured on this Web site.  He has been in private practice in Omaha, Nebraska, since 1985.

If you would like to consider having Dr. Denenberg perform your surgery, here's what to do:

Send Dr. Denenberg photographs of your face, along with a note describing what you notice and what you want to have changed. 

If you have had previous surgery, tell when and where and what was done, and send photos taken before your previous surgery if you have them.

Dr. Denenberg will evaluate your photos and write back, giving you his evaluation and telling you what he recommends.  He might make a digital modification of your pictures to show what he would suggest.  He might have more questions for you.

If Dr. Denenberg can tell from your email and photographs that you are very likely to be a good candidate for surgery, you will be able to schedule your operation if you wish.  We will arrange an in-person consultation with Dr. Denenberg the day before surgery.

Sometimes, however, and especially in cases of revision surgery, Dr. Denenberg will need to see you in person to determine whether he can offer you an operation. You would therefore have to make one quick trip to Omaha to be evaluated, and if you and he decide to proceed with surgery, the operation would be scheduled for a different trip.  (Click here to see why we do it like that.)

If you have surgery here, Dr. Denenberg will need to see you one week after your operation.  Most people, when they come to Omaha for surgery, stay for the week and go home after seeing Dr. Denenberg for their one-week appointment.  If you have a rhinoplasty, our most common operation, you'll probably feel like getting out of the hotel starting a day or two after surgery.  There's plenty to do in Omaha, and Dr. Denenberg will show you where to go to entertain yourself.  (Here's an anecdote about one couple's trip to Omaha.)

It's also possible to return to your home a day or two after surgery and then pop back to Omaha for the one-week checkup.

Dr. Denenberg does not require that you return to Omaha after your one-week checkup; he stays in contact with his patients through the email and telephone, and patients can send him photos to demonstrate and discuss how things are going.

You can get back to this page on instructions for coming to Omaha by clicking on Dr. Denenberg's name underneath any before and after photo on Facial Surgery.com.

More information:

  Dr. Denenberg's resume

Dr. Denenberg can be contacted at:

  • phone: (402)391-7640 or (800)233-7640

  • fax: (402)391-6352

  • email: StevenD@FacialSurgery.com

  • postal mail: 7640 Pacific Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114