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Privacy policy

Summary: FacialSurgery.com will respect your privacy.


  • Private email: Private email messages or photographs that you send to FacialSurgery.com will not be posted on the site.  They remain private.  However, we may edit a letter and strip out all identifying clues so that a commonly-asked question can be answered publicly or a particularly wise piece of advice can be shared in our "Frequently-asked questions" section.  We will never distribute your email address to anyone.

  • Demographic surveys: Results of our demographic surveys are not stored with any identifying information, so FacialSurgery.com never knows who submitted the survey.  The survey results will be summarized in aggregate for delivery to potential advertisers, but the advertisers will not receive any email addresses or other personally identifying information about you.

  • Email a page to a friend: FacialSurgery.com gives you the opportunity to easily email a reference to an interesting page to a friend.  We will handle your email address and the friend's email address only to allow sending the mail.

  • Cookies and IP addresses: FacialSurgery.com uses cookies only to make your experience on our site more convenient and useful, not to collect and disseminate any personal information.  More enlightenment on cookies can be found here.

    We use your IP address (the location of your computer on the Internet) to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer our Web site, and to gather broad demographic information for prospective advertisers.

  • Hardware: FacialSurgery.com takes care in the administration of its Web site hardware to maintain the security and privacy of information you send us, protecting it from would-be hackers.