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Big changes or small changes?

I frequently am told by a patient that she wants a facial feature changed but she doesn't want so much of a change that other people will notice.  I understand the sentiment, but in general it's not wise to skimp on the surgery so that others won't see a big difference and razz you about it.  Your friends will get used to the changes rapidly, leaving you frustrated that you didn't take care of everything that bothered you in the first place.

I recommend to my patients that they not have the surgery done unless they can plan it to their best benefit, not allowing others' feelings to dictate what is done.

Different people have different levels of observation when it comes to facial features.  Some of your friends won't notice the changes, and others' observational skills will be quite acute.  After a rhinoplasty, for example, some of your friends won't be able to see any difference at all, even if the improvement was dramatic.  Others will spot you down the street and say, "What did you do to your nose!" even if the changes were modest.  Most of your friends will just accuse you of getting a new hairstyle or new eyeglasses.

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