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Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.
Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.

Narrowing the Nasal Bones

The upper portion of the nose, that part closer to the eyes than to the tip, is made out of bone.  Frequently, we are trying to narrow that portion of the nose, a task which involves moving the nasal bones closer to each other.  This chapter will discuss how the bony part of the nose is narrowed.  

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Examine the before and after pictures above and below this paragraph.  The upper portion of this nose is wider in the before pictures (left) than in the after pictures (right).  In the photos below, I have traced in black the contour of the side walls of the nose, to highlight how the wide nasal bones have been made more narrow during the operation.

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There are many reasons that we would want to narrow the nasal bones during a rhinoplasty.  Maybe the bones make the nose appear too wide.  Maybe both bones, or only one bone, has been pushed abnormally wide in a car accident.

Actually, we narrow the nasal bones on almost every rhinoplasty.  Surprised?  One reason is that if we remove a hump from the nose, we almost always follow up by narrowing the nasal bones.  Since that's an important concept to understand, I'll explain why in some detail.

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