Your question: 7 months post op nose job, nose left side and right side not same. Its ugly from front side. Nose tip goes down.Nose big.
i asked to short my nose and make the tip little up and i had a bump on the bridge wich he removed.nose tip is going down again like before.left side and right side not look same.left side looks long.

Dr. Denenberg's answer: Looks as though you have two unfortunately common problems after primary rhinoplasty
From these photos, it seems that the tip of your nose hangs down too far, and that it's too projecting forward away from your face.
See the Web reference link for a morph that I made to one of your pictures, showing the changes that should be possible in a revision rhinoplasty. In the morph, I brought the tip of your nose back closer to your face, and raised it up.
Those changes, in a revision or a primary rhinoplasty, require advanced techniques that most plastic surgeons can't handle with skill. A projecting and long nose is the most common nose that I see for revisions. The good news is that, even in a revision, elevating and de-projecting the tip of the nose are two of the most predictable changes to make.
Before you select a surgeon to revise your nose, you absolutely must see that surgeon's revision before and after photos. That's the only indication you have of his skill. Don't let a doctor talk you into thinking that his board certification diploma is the proof of his skill. The various boards don't test for or check for excellent results before awarding certification.

Here's an animation of those changes:

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