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I am seeking advice on how to achieve more balance with in my face. my profile bothers me more than anything really. I had braces for 7 years and I used to have a severe overbite. I recently went to the orthodontist because I was thinking I still had an overbite but he said that it was more of a weak chin issue. Could a chin implant help me with my profile? I am also noticing my nose is flat at the tip and I think it needs a little refinement. could I benefit from chin implant, rhino, or both?

Dr. Denenberg's answer: Your chin is great
What I notice is that flat spot you see on the profile, and then on the frontal view the two cartilages that make up the tip of your nose seem to be strong, making the tip look round, or wide.
See the Web reference link for some modifications that I made to your images, showing the changes that are possible in a rhinoplasty in expert hands. I narrowed the tip, narrowed the upper part of your nose, where it's made of bone, reduced the flat spot, and elevated the tip slightly as well as moving it back a tiny amount closer to your face.
I wouldn't put a chin implant in you -- your chin's size and also its shape are wonderful.
If you decide to have a rhinoplasty, you should know that work on the tip of the nose requires advanced techniques that not all plastic surgeons possess. You need to see lots of a surgeon's before and after photos in order to gauge his skill. Board certification diplomas won't tell you anything useful.


Here's an animation of those changes:

And here's the profile:

And the animation:

Click here for more photos of wide-tipped noses.

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