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I'm having septorhino on November 12th the surgeon is taking down my nasal humps and relining my nose as its severely twisted inside. He said my nose isn't big so he doesn't need to take down the length docu guys agree? Also is it possible that I've grown into my nose I'm 31 now but when I was in my early 20s it looked massive compared to my face

Dr. Denenberg's answer: I'm a little worried. Big is the main feature of your nose.
No offense. You seem to be a good candidate for a reduction rhinoplasty, which basically means making the nose smaller. If you and your doctor don't evaluate your nose as big, I'm worried there will be a big problem after surgery.
See the Web reference link for a computer modification that I made to one of your profile views. You have a very strong nasion, which means that the part of your nose in front of your eyes, just below your eyebrows, above the hump, sits forward on your face, and needs to be reduced at the same time as removing the hump. If it's not reduced, your profile will resemble a Roman statue, making your nose look longer than before surgery. The link has an explanation of this factor.
Also, the tip of your nose is strongly projecting forward away from your face, and should be brought back towards your face. When a tip is thus de-projected, it also tends to make the nose look longer, so the tip should be elevated at the same time.
Finally, although absolutely not mandatory, you could consider a chin implant. Bringing more attention to the chin draws attention away from the nose and makes the nose look smaller.
If you didn't discuss these areas with your surgeon raising the tip up and moving it back closer to your face, and reducing the forward projection of the nasion, my opinion is that you must do that before surgery, and the doctor has to show you befores and afters of his other patients who had these changes, giving you evidence that he understands the issues and is able to address them skillfully.

Here's an animation of those changes. Give it a couple seconds to cycle back and forth:

This photo emphasizes the area where the nose must be taken down and brought closer to your face. It's called the nasion:

If that area is not reduced, and the tip elevated and brought closer to your face, your nose will look longer after surgery. The following photo shows a computer modification only taking down the hump, not moving the tip or the nasion:

Here's a link to a patient who had a strongly-projecting nose brought back closer to her face.




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