Your question: Is a second rhinoplasty worth the risk to refine tip of nose? Photo
I had a rhinoplasty two years ago to fix the dorsal hump and tip. I still feel like the tip is bulbous and droopy, especially when I smile? I am seeking professional advice about the risk of getting a revision surgey for the tip?

Dr. Denenberg's answer: Depends on how much you want to change your current nose.
In a revision operation, the more that you want to change the nose, the more likely you'll be happy with the result, as long as the surgeon is a true expert in revision rhinoplasty. See the Web reference link for a modification to one of your images.
Elevating the tip and narrowing the tip and lowering the height of the bridge of the nose are three of the most common changes to make successfully in a revision operation.
p.s. I know you posted ages ago, but I just found your question and was interested enough to answer.

Here's an animation of those changes:

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