Your question: To achieve a smaller nose, can this be a completed without breaking ?
I want a smaller nose from side profile and also face on my nose up top has a wide bone . I want a smaller looking nose .please tell me if you agree my doc could achieve this without breaking my nose ? He told me he will not be breaking it. I go in 2 weeks and I want to hear your opinions ...if you were to do my nose would you just file it ?

Dr. Denenberg's answer: I don't think it can be done satisfactorily without breaking the nose. But ...
... breaking the nose isn't a bad thing. Breaking the nose is where the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the nasal bones so they can be brought closer to each other. Many patients fear it, thinking perhaps that breaking the bone means that at a certain time, the patient will be awakened, and a big man with a sledge hammer will come into the room and swing at your nose. In reality it's a totally benign part of the procedure that shouldn't increase the bleeding or the swelling or the bruising, and you won't even know it's been done.
Look at the Web reference link for a modification that I made of your nose, and also a link to a discussion of why the bones need to be narrowed if a hump is removed. If you look closely at the animation, you'll see that some of the bridge of your nose has been taken down. If that happens, and the bones are NOT brought closer together, then your nose will look unacceptably wide from the frontal view.
Make sense?

Here's an animation of those changes:

Here's a link to a discussion of why the bones need to be narrowed if a hump is removed.

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