Your question: Wide bridge and bulbous tip - will I get good results?
I take pictures and my nose is always ruining it,I had consultations,was told I have thick skin.But I want a more feminine smaller nose. I don't want a button nose, I want something proportional with my face. What type of results could I expect? Can my nose get any worse due to surgery? What are things I should look for when selecting a doctor? I really just want a nose half my current size. Will my wide bridge and bulbous tip be able to be reduced to a more feminine and appropriate size ?

Dr. Denenberg's answer: Most likely you could get a large improvement.
See the Web reference link for a proposed modification to your nose. I'll explain the changes here.
First of all, nbsp I realize I haven't had the chance to examine you in person, but it looks to me as though you have thin skin, not thick skin We can clearly see the outlines of the two cartilages that form the tip of you nose, and if you had thick skin, we wouldn't be able to see your nasal anatomy so distinctly.
In the modification, I brought the two cartilages in the tip of your nose closer together, so they don't show that sharp dent between them. Then I made the cartilages smaller, so they don't give the impression of a wide tip, and so there isn't that dark line across the mid portion of the bridge of your nose. That line is where the tip cartilages stop and the regular cartilage of the bridge of your nose starts.
It also looks as though your nasal bones are widely positioned, and I simulated narrowing them. I also raised the tip up, because the tip seems to hang down a bit, and raising the tip just generally helps to make a nose look smaller.
While we can never make 100% of the changes we might ideally like to make, the most likely outcome for your nose, in truly expert hands, is a large improvement. You must be very careful to see before and after photos of any surgeon you are considering using for this procedure. The techniques involved for your nose are world class difficult, and most plastic surgeons wouldn't be able to handle them. Profile views that show only removal of a bump on the bridge do not show you that the surgeon can handle a wide tip. Board certification diplomas tell you nothing at all. The photos are the only thing give you proof of a surgeon's skill.
Hope I explained that all clearly enough

Here's an animation of those changes:

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