From Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.

Here is the before and after I made of your nose. I raised the tip a small amount and took down the hump, leaving the bridge of the nose strong and still masculine.

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Here is an animation of your morph:

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Dr. Denenberg has been selected as one of America's Top Doctors by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

He is one of the rare doctors to receive that award every year since the program was begun in 2001. He is also the only plastic surgeon in Nebraska to ever receive that award. More on the Top Doctor award at the bottom of this page.

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Why are before and after photos so important?

When you are evaluating a surgeon for a rhinoplasty, you must see many of the doctor's before and after photographs. Those photos are your only way to assess the surgeon's skill in rhinoplasty. Board certification diplomas don't tell you anything at all: you must see that the surgeon has been able to accomplish for others what you want for yourself!

Should you have your primary surgeon perform your revision?

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult of the facial plastic surgery operations. By far. And revision rhinoplasty is even far more difficult than a first-time operation. And most surgeons who perform rhinoplasty probably shouldn't be doing the operation; every surgeon doesn't perform the operation with expert skill.

In deciding on a revision surgeon, you need to consider whether things didn't turn out great because of some unusual circumstance with the surgery or the healing, or whether things went wrong because your doctor was not expert in rhinoplasty in the first place.

Evaluate your surgeon again. If you saw lots of before and after photos of his other patients who got excellent results, in noses at least somewhat similar to yours, then your surgeon probably knows what he is doing, and you can consider letting him perform your revision. Even the very best surgeon has the occasional disappointing result.

However, if, on looking back, you decide that you did not do excellent research on your original surgeon -- perhaps you relied on a referral, or on his board certification, without being able to see his photos -- then you probably should not have him perform the revision. If he couldn't get you close to your goal the first time because of a lack of skill, he will have no chance at all on the second try, and then you'll be in the tough position of looking for a third operation.


The Castle Connolly America's Top Doctor award:

The America's Top Doctor award is not a popularity contest. Unlike all the local copycats and spin-offs, Castle Connolly allows only physicians to nominate, and vote for, Top Doctors. There are two awards: the "Castle Connolly Top Doctor" is a physician who is regarded as especially competent by his local colleagues. The "America's Top Doctor" is a doctor who is voted into that position by a national review of recognized experts in the doctor's field.

Here's a link to Dr. Denenberg's recognition page at Castle Connolly.