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Permanent makeup

Dr. Denenberg doesn't like permanent makeup.  Let's see why by exploring the most common type of permanent makeup, the permanent eyeliner.

The purported benefits of permanent eyeliner are that you would no longer have the hassle of putting on your eyeliner, and that it would always be on, even in the swimming pool.  Sounds great.  When was the last time you were in a swimming pool?

But still, who wouldn't want to throw away her eyeliner pencil forever?  But could there possibly be any disadvantages to outweigh those advantages?

Put on your eyeliner and take a close look in the mirror.  It's not a solid line of color with a well-defined width.  The pencil applies the color a little darker close to the lashes, and the color gradually fades out to nothing away from the lashes.  The permanent eyeliner wouldn't necessarily look like that.  It can look as though you put on your eyeliner with a thin fountain pen.

Permanent eyeliner is a tattoo with a kinder name.  Is a tattoo on your eyelids different than a tattoo on your arm?  It will fade and spread with the years.  When the doctor or technician tattoos your eyelids, he cannot possibly place exactly the same amount of eyeliner that you normally place.  If he puts on too little, you'll find yourself augmenting it with your pencil in the morning, and then what was the point of getting the tattoo?  If he puts on a bit too much, you'll wear it forever.  If the line doesn't go on straight, can he erase what he did and re-apply it?  How good is he at this operation?  Did you see pictures of his other patients?  Talk to them?  Do you like the way they look?  Is the person in the brochure only wearing the tattooed-on eyeliner, or is it touched up with real makeup?  How rock steady is your doctor with his instruments?  Can he write the Declaration of Independence on a grain of rice?  What if you now want to wear eyeliner of a different color?  Blue?  You're stuck.  Look at the current women's magazines: many models are now wearing mascara, but no eyeliner at all.  Are you sure that style won't come back?  Are you?

Are there permanent eyeliner patients out there who are quite pleased with their decision?  Yes, absolutely.  But it's not for everybody.  Maybe those patients aren't as picky as you are.

On the other hand, the operation is quite appropriate for some patients.  Those are individuals who believe from experience that eyeliner of one color will always look good on them, and who either cannot see well enough or cannot use their hands well enough to apply the eyeliner themselves.

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