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Will a facelift help my acne scars?

Sorry, but a face lift will not help your acne scars, even though when you put your fingers on the skin just in front of your ears and pull your facial skin backwards, the acne scars seem to flatten as the skin tightens.  It seems to make mechanical sense that the scars should flatten with the face lift operation, but it doesn't work out when you actually try it.  The problem is that the face lift won't maintain tension on the surface of the skin, and the acne scars come back completely within just a couple of weeks after the face lift.

Although every plastic surgeon should learn this fact in Plastic Surgery 101, many of the plastic surgeons you visit will not hesitate to offer you a face lift to improve your acne scars.  I've seen it here in Omaha.  You can be smarter than they are by declining.

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