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Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.
Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.

Setting your America Online browser to accept cookies

Click on the "My AOL" button at the top of your browser.  The button looks like this:

A box of menu items will drop down from the button.  Click on the item that says "Preferences."

Now you will see the Preferences box, which looks like this:

Click on the button that says "WWW" beneath it (red circle).

Now a box appears that looks similar to this:

Just underneath the dark blue bar at the top of the box are a series of tabs.  Most likely, the tab that says "General" is selected.  Click on the tab that says "Security" (red circle).  Now the box looks like this:

Click on the blue and green globe at the top left of the box (red arrow), and check to be sure that the word "Internet" under the globe is highlighted in blue. Click on the "Default Level" button (blue arrow).

At the bottom left of this box, there is a vertical slider (black arrow) that has four positions.  If your browser currently is not accepting cookies, the slider bar is probably at the top, with the bold word "High" to the right of the slider.  The other positions for the slider are "Medium," "Medium-Low," and "Low."  Using your mouse, pull the slider down to "Medium."  (Actually, any setting other than "High" will allow you to use cookies.)  Now you can click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the box, and you're done.

Confirm that you can now accept cookies by clicking here.  If you still can't accept cookies, try a lower setting, such as "Medium-Low."  If that doesn't work, don't write and don't call.

Just kidding.  You might have to ask your local guru for help.