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Rhinoplasty tutorial

This 142-page tutorial describes the rhinoplasty operation with explicit photographs of what happens during surgery.

The list below, repeated in the navigation bar at left, tells you what each chapter in the rhinoplasty tutorial discusses. Click on a chapter title to get started.

(If you are looking for before and after rhinoplasty pictures, go to the rhinoplasty before and after section.)

IncisionsBeginning the operation: the basic incisions and some introductory nasal anatomy.

Hump removalRemoving the hump along the bridge of the nose, one of the first tasks in rhinoplasty.

Nasal septumA discussion of the nasal septum: where it is, what it does, what we do with it during surgery.

Tip narrowingThe bulbous tip: narrowing the tip of the nose by working on its cartilages.

The nasal bonesHow to narrow the nose by bringing the nasal bones closer to each other.

SplintA description of the nasal splint and dressing: their rationale and how they are placed.

Tip supportThe importance of support for the tip of the nose, and how the underlying nasal cartilages control it.

Shorten the noseMaking a long nose shorter: a detailed description of one useful technique.

The nasal spineA piece of the nose called the anterior nasal spine: its anatomy and how it affects the appearance of the nose.

Revision surgeryRevision rhinoplasty: an exploration of some of the errors made by mediocre rhinoplasty surgeons.

The nasionThe nasion, where the nose meets the forehead: surgical considerations.

Odd cartilagesOddly-shaped tip cartilages: a review of some of the different shapes that a busy rhinoplasty surgeon sees.

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