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Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.
Steven M. Denenberg, M.D.

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Some noses can be shortened by only addressing the length of the septum.  In the image above left, I've shaded part of the septum light blue and the remainder of the septum dark blue.  The triangular portion of the septum shaded light blue will be excised during surgery.  That's the portion of the septum that was resisting the upward push of your finger when you pushed up to shorten your nose.

After that piece of septum is removed, the septum will be shorter.  Note that the longer black arrow indicates the length of the septum before the excision, and the shorter white arrow indicates the length of the septum after removing the light blue piece.  Because the septum is now shorter, the tip of the nose rotates up (blue arrow), shortening the nose.

Below we see the full-face views of this patient.

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Actually, a nose like this cannot be shortened adequately by only working on the nasal septum, but it's a good nose to use in describing the concept of septal shortening to you.  We'll see some of the other techniques soon. 

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